Among the very typical assaulting strategies found in Conflict is the “GoWiPe” strike.

The name GoWiPe comes from the initial two letters of the main troops found in the strategy: Golem, Magicians, and P.E.K.K.A.

The main benefit of this strategy is that it’s great at reaching 2 and 3 star strikes no matter the foundation. While its quite powerful, its also quite expensive and timely to make; therefore, its usually employed for war strikes or within a prize push, and much less so during conventional farming.

While you will find differences between GoWiPe strikes in the TH8, TH9, and TH10 amounts (discussed below), they all follow the exact same principles of the best way to assault the base.

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Typically, the strike should give attention to the face of the foundation which has the greatest damaging shields and heroes. Youll need to take out these first as theyll do the most harm to your own troops. Having them ruined early, while you’ve got most of your troops still living, lets your troops to conquer them faster and continue to push through the foundation.

Charms: Fix x 1, Fury x 2, Toxin x 1

Clan Castle: P.E.K.K.A x 1 (Max Level 5 Urged)
The troop makeup is only one recommendation. There are tweaks (discussed below) that can and needs to be manufactured as you be much more complex using the strike strategy.

Just the way to do a GoWiPe strike?

Before going over a detailed strike strategy, you’ll find lots of essential suggestions that that may allow you to perfect your GoWiPe strikes:

Clear enough buildings from your sides to ensure your P.E.K.K.A. funnel towards the centre of the foundation.
Space out your wizards enough any one particular splash damage shield (or Giant Bomb) doesn’t kill multiple wizards.
Now, the step by step GoWiPe strike guide:


Lose your two golem one on side of the foundation spaced out enough any one particular shield cannot strike both of these.

Send in several wizards spaced out to start clearing the outermost barriers (generally collectors).

Drop wall breakers in groups (generally two at a time) to break during the outer most layer of wall. Continue to drop wall breakers before you’ve got broken through more layers of the wall.


Send in more wizards spaced out to start clearing the interior layers of the shields.

Lose your P.E.K.K.A., which will hopefully funnel to the centre of the foundation.


Use your fury fascination as your troops get to the centre of the base close to the town hall.

See for when your troops run into defenses and must be fixed.

Note on measures for troop deployment: These measures certainly are a rule of thumb. According to the foundation, you might want to switch several steps. For instance, you may choose to deploy your P.E.K.K.A. early in the strike if theres an easy path to the Town Hall.

The aforementioned troop composition is only one recommendation for an military composition. Tweaks could be made according to the foundation or what you feel comfortable with as an attacker. Some tweaks which can be made are:
Bringing Valkyries in substitution to get some magicians.
Bringing additional archers to pick off simple outdoor buildings.
Bringing witches in your family castle.
This needs contributions from a Town Hall 9 player. If witches are substituted for P.E.K.K.A., the strike is also known as GoWiWi (Golems, Magicians, and Witches). This strategy could be exceedingly powerful for expanding strikes as witches regenerate skeleton militaries.
Bringing a giant to entice the family citadel before engaging your primary troops.
Should you pick to entice the family castle first, drop the giant within range of the family fortress launch. Your giant should head straight towards the closest defense. When the family fortress troops happen to be released, lose one archer near a non-defense building which is out of range of other defenses. The family fortress troops will subsequently monitor to your own archer. Then you’re able to drop archers and magicians to kill the family fortress troops before starting your assault and losing your golems. Note: this strategy takes quite a lot of time.
Along with tweaks of troop composition, tweaks by Town Hall amount ought to be produced. That is required as the shields in the top Town Hall levels deal significantly more damage per second. Added meat shields (golems) are needed seriously to secure your troops.

Charms: Fix x 1, Fury x 2, Bound x 1, Toxin x 1 Clan Castle: Golem x 1 (Max Level 5 Urged)
Note on charms: if assaulting a lowered level Town Hall 9 with lower level walls, a leap charm might not be needed. Bringing one more cure charm could possibly be more useful.

Charms: Fury x 2, Bound x 1, Halt x 2 Toxin x 1
Clan Castle: Golem x 1 (Max Level 5 Urged), 1 Giant (Max)
Notice on charms: should you be assaulting a Town Hall 10 with infernos, cure spells WOn’t work. Replace treat with freeze charms as a rule of thumb.