After you have created contact categories, you have the option of managing the categories. You can do things like edit categories, delete categories, view categories, and publish categories. In this guide, I will show Joomla users how to manage their contact categories.

Viewing Your Contact Categories in Joomla

Let’s begin with viewing your contact categories in Joomla. You will need to know how to load the contact categories page in order to manage them. At the top of your Joomla page, place your mouse on the Component menu. Then place your mouse on the Contact option and another menu will open. When the sub-menu opens, click the categories link and the Contact Categories page will open. On that page, you can view all of the contact categories you have created.

Editing Contact Categories in Joomla

Next, I will show you how to edit a contact category you have already created. In the list of categories, locate the contact category you want to edit. Once you locate the contact category, click the title of it. On the following page, you will see the fields you seen when you first created it. Edit what you need to and click the Save button in the top menu. Then click Close in the top menu to return to the contact categories page.

Deleting Contact Categories in Joomla

To delete a contact category, locate the category and check the box to the left of the category. After checking the box, go to the top menu and click the Delete option. If you want to delete more than one contact category at a time, you can. Simply check the box next to all of the contact categories you want to delete. Then click the Delete button and all of them will be deleted.

Publishing Contact Categories in Joomla

If you decided not to publish contact categories at the time of creating them, you can go back and publish them at any time. To do this, check the box next to a contact category you want to publish. Once the box is checked, go to the top of curso para aprender joomla and click the Publish button.

Unpublishing Contact Categories in Joomla

To unpublish a contact category, click the box next to the category and click the Unpublish button at the top of your page.

You can unpublish and publish more than one contact category at a time. Simply check all of the boxes next to the categories and click the Publish or Unpublish button.